Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Too hot, too old, too slow, two-seventy?

The riding progresses at a glacial pace. Granted, it's hard to find time to ride and the dirtpark needs a lot of work done to maintain it and keep it in form. Actual 'real' yardwork takes precedence though. Somebody has to ride the mower, man the trimmer, start up the pool, clean up the dog crap. The problem is that that somebody is me. And I'm also the dirtpark maintenance crew.

But the real problem is the 360s. 360s are just, uh, like, uh, argh.

I'm working on the them a lot lately and they are coming along slowly. I can tap/pivot a 270 around but that is not what I want to accomplish. I want to land both tires at full 360 degrees. This past weekend, I kept at it, but the 3's are just not there yet. Although, it was ridiculously hot and I think I had the beginnings of heat stroke. Other than being old, slow, and overheated, I'm not sure what the problem is. I think I maybe just need to go higher? Tuck the back up more? Keep my head turned? Dunno. Sometimes I tap the rear brakes to help spin, but this just makes me land on the rear tire and pivot out. If I don't grab the brake and really tuck up, the bike comes around, but I lose my centre of rotation and start to go sideways. Any advice on 360s would be really welcome.

My bro came by and shot a few pics with his DSLR. He used to ride a lot of BMX back in the day as well. Here he is catching some air off our old 8' quarter pipe that we set up in front of our old house in Barrhaven when we were kids. So, that means that this was taken back in the mid-to-late eighties. Notice the Redline RL-20 II in Radberry. I used to have a RL-20 in Radberry. I think at one point, we were the only two kids in Ottawa with Radberry bikes. Anyway, the ramp disassembled into 3 pieces and had to be put away back into the garage after every use. It even had wheels on the back so we could roll it down to the park. Well, until the Bylaw officers would show up that is...

So, with my bro wasting some flash card space I tried to get some practice in. I had the camcorder going and I even managed to land this little 180 fly-out to fakie roll down thingy. It was fun.



Here's another crappy video edit. It's nothing special, but at least this one is short. (I have also made a promise to myself to not film anything again until I actually learn a new trick.)

Dirtpark 2000 from slamigo on Vimeo.


  1. If you can get a 360 pivot, then you need to tuck the back up more when you spin. Try tucking at the last minute. (I don't have 360s yet, but will get them eventually)

  2. Great blog Slamigo!
    I think we feel the same things! I can't wait to do this sort of shit with my kids.